Holy City Hogs is a family run operation and we have your family in mind when we raise our pigs, it’s real food without additives and chemicals. It’s  what we feed our family.  ALL our pigs live their entire lives outside.  We don’t use farrowing barns or crates.  We believe that happy pigs taste better!  We try and offer our pigs the most natural environment possible so pigs can be pigs. Large paddocks comprised of woods and open fields allow our herds to truly graze and forage from the terroir in which they live.  The flavors of the Earth, roots, grasses, seasonal forage and acorn mast give our pork products an undeniable advantage in taste and quality you won’t experience from a hog raised on concrete indoors.

Holy City Hogs operates two farms, we raise purebred Ossabaw Island pigs at Rebellion Farm and larger meat hogs at  Sowega King Farm.  Both our operations utilize the same techniques and disciplines to produce ultra premium pork products.  We offer whole hogs, primal cuts and sausages as well as whole hog BBQ catering.

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