Our herd is as diverse as our clients needs. We offer lard hogs as well as leaner meat hogs. From BBQ to charcuterie we have the pig for you! We use many different breeds and bloodlines at our Sowega King operation utilizing three boars:

Mick Jagger
Mulefoot /Red Wattle cross

Billy Ray Valentine

Purebred Berkshire

Blonde Mangalitsa/AGH cross


We use these three boars on pure bred Tamworth,  Berkshire, Hampshire, AGH, Gloucester Old Spot, Duroc, Hereford, mangalitsa, and large whites. The hybrid vigor makes our animals hardier and more resilient.  The natural instinct in these animals and the form of husbandry we use allows a real life for our pigs.  Rooting, frolicking, and running uninhibited through woods and pastures allows pigs to be pigs.  This is how Mother Nature intended, not on concrete not in a cage!

Our second herd of hogs reside in Ravenel SC at Rebellion farm,  here we just raise our pure bred Non hybridized Ossabaw Island herd. Leon “Mohog” Jackson is our boar hog and we utilize 16 sows to produce the jewel of the South, Ossabaw Island Pork.  One of the greatest treasures the South can ever claim! Rebellion farm is an educational workplace for young and aspiring farmers.  Owned by the Allen family Rebellion Farm is located about 15 minutes from downtown Charleston perfect for field trips when traveling to the Holy City.  A big thanks to Jeff Allen for all his behind the scenes help since my wife and I started on this journey.

Sowega King

We raise a farm cross that we have been working on since our farm inception.  The Sowega King is a large bodied meat hog that we created to blend many different qualities we loved about certain pure bred lines.  We have utilized many different heritage breeds to create the Sowega King and are from finished! We aren’t trying to say we have a new stabilized breed by any means as there many different color patterns and variances  but what we are striving for is the quality of meat and the structural frame of our hogs.  Large shoulders and hams with long bodies and rounded backs give the Sowega King its title. The greatest attribute is the intramuscular fat and the complexity of fat though. We believe the Sowega King rules all other meat hogs! Berkshire-Duroc-Mangalitsa-Tamworth-AGH – Mulefoot – red wattle – Hereford – Meishan-  and Hampshire are all mixed in to comprise the Sowega King line.  It’s truly a Royal Pig!

Ossabaw Island Pigs

These little Southern culinary treasures were left over 400 years ago   by Spanish explorers off the coast of Georgia on Ossabaw Island. The pigs are smaller in frame with heavy coats and prick ears and look like they are on peg legs. The Fat of these pigs has a lower melting point and are considered by many as 4 legged olive trees because of this healthy fat. Their dark red flesh is undeniably different  the from pale pink flavorless cardboard at the local grocery. Ossabaws have been studied by many universities and medical colleges for their ability to metabolize and burn fat as well as their ability to process salt water! These are very special pigs and we strive to improve awareness of the breed to keep it on the table for future generations.  Thanks to Chef Sean Brock and other discerning chefs around the country we are able to educate and excite consumers with the tale of these pigs are then
amaze them with its exceptional taste and flavor! We sell breeders, feeders, and carcasses.