Holy City Hogs raises all our animals outdoors wild and free like Mother Nature intended. Our herd is comprised of many different heritage breeds and heritage farm crosses.  Ossabaw Island and old line Durocs are our pure bred lines but we also utilize Tamworth, Duroc,  Hampshire, AGH and Large whites in our farm crosses we call Sowega Kings and The Carolina Black Hoof.  Our hogs are allowed to roam in large pastures and wooded lots under hundred year old live oaks imparting the real flavor of the Lowcountry.


On-Site BBQ Cooking Classes

Farmer Tank of Holy City Hogs travels the country sharing his passion for heritage breed hogs and whole hog BBQ. What started as a family tradition for Tank with his Father and brother building their own smoker 20 years ago to compete in the Big Pig Jig has blossomed into a true farmer to table BBQ experience. Specializing in the art of cooking lard breed hogs it’s a unique and unforgettably different approach to a BBQ!!



Our animals are available at some of Charleston’s finest culinary destinations.  As a leader in local heritage breed protein production we strive to only work with chefs/restaurants who truly respect the sacrifice animals make to arrive on the plate.  Whole animal butchers and diverse pork programs that waste nothing help us share our message of sustainable proteins. Restaurants like DAPS, Le Farfalle and Jackrabbit Filly utilize HCH pork for over 90 % of the pork they serve.  These restaurants buy whole pigs for a no waste whole animal butchery approach every week.  Contact us to discuss setting up a similar program for your restaurant.

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